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Your benefits
Rob Davis, P.E. can help you develop and deliver quality software products. Rob is a Software Quality Assurance Engineer, a registered and licensed Professional Engineer with a Master's Degree in Electronics Engineering, a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, and ten (10) years of hands-on experience.  MORE

Hire Rob
Hire Rob, because he can gather, capture, collect, define, document, methodically investigate, and prioritize your system requirements.
Hire Rob, because he can work with your users and project teams.
Hire Rob, because he can ensure the needs of your organization are understood.
Hire Rob, because he can find all your software and system defects.
Hire Rob, because he can speed up the work of your developers.
Hire Rob, because he can reduce your risk of legal liability.
Hire Rob, because he is a registered and licensed P.E.
Hire Rob, because he can give you the evidence that your software is correct and operates properly.  MORE

Laura B. (Software Engineer) writes from the U.K., "Hi Rob, I just wanted to say that I'm sure you don't have any problems finding work due to the professional appearance of your web-page. It's excellent." MORE