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Ryan N. (Branch Manager) writes,
"Rob Davis, Hello and thank you for the resume. I'd like to congratulate you on the most organized and informative resume / FAQs I have ever seen! It's about time someone got it right. I love it!"

Laura B. (Software Engineer) writes from Scotland,
"Hi Rob, I just wanted to say that I'm sure you don't have any problems finding work due to the professional appearance of your web-page. It's excellent."

Carol B. (Technical Recruiter) writes,
"Rob, I had a closer look at your website and have to pay you a major compliment, it is great. I loved your insight and FAQs. You are definitely a very emotionally mature professional. Thank you and all the very've got a fabulous presentation."

Jeffrey S. (Senior Engineering Recruiter) writes,
"Hi Rob, As I have read through your website I can see that you are a thorough, intelligent and professional person."

Scott W. (Technical Recruiter) writes,
"Rob, I enjoyed speaking with you this morning, and I visited your web site -- very impressive! I will let you know as soon as I get feedback on your submit. Thanks, and I look forward to the possibility of working with you in the very near future. Have a great weekend."

Jimmy R. (Software Tester) writes,
"Dr. Davis, Good morning. I am a retired military man who spent 20 years with the Marine Corps. I am in awe of your website."

Doug E. (Technical Recruiter) writes,
"Rob, I took a moment to go look at your web site and it's extremely helpful! I'd love to help you explore these contracting positions. Once again I just wanted to let you know that I'm very interested in speaking with you."

Rob O. (Technical Recruiter) writes,
"Rob, Your web site is very thorough and well-organized."

Larry B. (Recruiter) writes from New Zealand,
"Dear Mr.Davis, You've got an impressive CV!"

V.T. (Covansys Corporation) writes,
"Hi Rob, I've just seen your resume and admire that your resume contains all details, that's great."

Steve R. (Technical Recruiter) writes,
"Rob, I like your FAQs and the comments... Your PD section was most interesting - you are the first person in my 12 year career at doing this that actually gets how PD works..."

Patty K. (Technical Recruiter) writes,
"Rob, I stayed in the office late tonight because I greatly enjoyed reading your FAQs. I have only five months experience in this business and am horrified by the way some candidates have been treated by recruiting agencies. Thanks for the education."

Michael K. (Technical Recruiter) writes,
"Rob, I ran across your resume... and was very impressed by your qualifications."

Patria H. (Senior Technical Recruiter) writes,
"Rob, I get all excited when I see a truly good resume..."

Chad D. (Software Engineer) writes,
"Howdy Rob! Your qualifications are extremely impressive, almost to the point of intimidating! Ha-ha. Which, is something I savor."

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"Hello Rob, I reviewed your resume on-line and was very impressed."

Bernardo A. (Recruiter) writes from Brazil,
"Good Afternoon, your curriculum looks really pro."

Geetanjali G. (Software Tester) writes from India,
"Hi Rob, I want to be your Net friend... can we be?"

Bob G. (Recruiter) writes,
"Hi, Rob Davis: Your resume is quite impressive. Best regards and good luck!"

Barbara M. (Recruiter) writes,
"I read your FAQ sheet with great interest! I really appreciate your professionalism in that regard."

Patrick B. (Recruiter) writes,
"Rob, I got your resume and it looks good... Your education and experience are excellent."

Neal C. (Account Manager) writes,
"Rob, It was a pleasure speaking with you this afternoon. This looks to be a good fit and I look forward to working with you..."

Jim W. (Web Applications Developer) writes,
"Hello Mr. Davis, I had a quick look at your site, and it appears you've been doing the contracting thing long enough to have stepped on most of the land mines. To tell the truth, I wish I'd seen your site/FAQs about 3-4 years ago when I was doing more contracting oriented work. Adopting your methods probably would have saved me a 'lot' of aggravation."

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"I saw your CV, and want to say that it's really great! We have a good opportunity for you!"

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Johan M. (Human Resources) writes from the U.K.,
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Melanie S. (Technical Recruiter) writes,
"Rob, You have a strong background, no doubt."

Jasmine S. (Recruiter) writes,
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Shivangi P. (Recruiter) writes,
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Because Rob is a test engineer! He will speed up the work of your developers, so that they can fully devote their time to build up your product.

Because Rob will gather, capture, collect, define, document, methodically investigate and prioritize system requirements.

Because Rob is a professional engineer! He will reduce your risk of legal liability.

Because Rob will give you the evidence, written by an engineer, that your software is correct and operates properly. MORE


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