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How you can benefit

Rob can:

  • Analyze your software behavior and performance (see resume);
  • Conduct software testing (see resume);
  • Define test cases that elicit the required product behavior (see resume);
  • Do a good job and do it cheerfully;
  • Document software issues (bugs, defects, or problems) (see resume);
  • Ensure the product doesn't exhibit any unintended behavior (see resume);
  • Evaluate and report test results (see resume);
  • Extract performance and stress test cases (see resume);
  • Find lots of software issues (bugs, defects, or problems) (see resume);
  • Gather, capture, collect, define, document, methodically investigate and prioritize system requirements;
  • Identify the expected behavior, as specified in requirements (see resume);
  • Inspect software and do software QA "walkthroughs";
  • Maintain and update software QA test environments, test plans, test cases, and test procedures (see resume);
  • Make things happen, and get things done (see resume);
  • Perform black box testing, white box testing, unit testing, incremental integration testing, integration testing, functional testing, system testing, end-to-end testing, sanity testing, regression testing, acceptance testing, load testing, performance testing, usability testing, install/uninstall testing, recovery testing, security testing, compatibility testing, exploratory testing, ad-hoc testing, user acceptance testing, comparison testing, alpha testing, beta testing, or mutation testing (see resume);
  • Re-test the software, after one or more issues have been fixed (see resume);
  • Start the verification/testing process early, even when software requirements are not ready, even when the software is not ready;
  • Track QA issues and fixes (see resume);
  • Synthesize intended product behavior (see resume);
  • Verify and/or validate the software (see resume);
  • Verify software performance (see resume);
  • Work in all phases of software development life cycle (see resume);
  • Work in formalized, or ad-hoc, QA process environments (see resume);
  • Work with embedded, real-time software in C, C++, or Ada (see resume);
  • Work with software developers (see resume);
  • Write formal software verification and validation procedures (see resume);
  • Write software requirements; and
  • Write software test cases and procedures (see resume).

Laura B. (Software Engineer) writes from the U.K., "Hi Rob, I just wanted to say that I'm sure you don't have any problems finding work due to the professional appearance of your web-page. It's excellent." MORE

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Why hire Rob?

Because Rob is a test engineer! He will speed up the work of your developers, so that they can fully devote their time to build up your product...

Because Rob is a professional engineer! He will reduce your risk of legal liability...

Because Rob will give you the evidence, written by an engineer, that your software is correct and operates properly. MORE


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