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Why hire Rob?
Why hire an Engineer?
Why hire a System Test Engineer?

Because, Rob is a System Test Engineer.

Because Rob is aware of your requirements and deeply cares about them.

Because Rob loves to find and document ALL software bugs and defects, and has the backbone to report all the bugs/defects and missing features.

Because Rob will gather, capture, collect, define, document, methodically investigate and prioritize system requirements.

Because testing requires brains and creativity, and Rob has both brains and creativity. Because it's not always obvious to tell if, for example, a user interface has been tested completely.

Because Rob will speed up the work of your developers, so that they can fully devote their time to build up your product!

Because Rob will reduce your risk of legal liability!

Because Rob will give you the evidence - written by an Engineer - that your software is correct and operates properly!

Because Rob will improve your problem tracking and reporting!

Because Rob will maximize the value of your software!

Because Rob will maximize the value of the devices that use your software!

Because Rob will assure the successful launch of your product! Rob will discover bugs and design flaws, before users get discouraged, before shareholders lose their cool, before your employees get bogged down!

Because Rob will promote continual improvement!

Because Rob will write the documentation required by FDA, FAA, other regulatory agencies, and your customers!

Because Rob will save money by discovering defects early in your design process, before failures occur in production, or in the field!

Because Rob will save the reputation of your company! Rob will discover bugs/defects and design flaws, before they damage the reputation of your company!

Let's remember, software QA/testing is an ongoing necessity!

Why test?

Because there is a need to break things (constructively and carefully, of course); and because sometimes breaking things is constructive. Some people, like me, even get paid to do it. I break things because manufacturers want to know how and why their products fail, so that they can determine what corrective actions they should take. MORE


Patty K. (Technical Recruiter) writes, "Rob, I stayed in the office late tonight because I greatly enjoyed reading your FAQs. I have only five months experience in this business and am horrified by the way some candidates have been treated by recruiting agencies. Thanks for the education." MORE


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