Q21: What is your rate?


Q21: What is your rate?

The short answer is, you need to ask your end client, "How much is this job paying?"

By asking me what "my" rate is, you're implying I am able to set my own rate. FYI, the rates of contractors are established by the end clients — not me. Like salaries of 'perm' employees, the rates of contractors are established by the end clients. As end-users, THEY are the ultimate holders of the purse strings.

Good recruiters never press me for "my" rate; they never keep me in the dark; they always disclose to me what their jobs are paying.

Target: No, this is 'not' my rate, Remember, at this point I know very little or nothing about the job you have in mind. However, if you need a rate from me, feel free to use the target rate of 65.00 per hour (on a W-2). The higher the rate, the better it is. It's no problem, if the rate is higher than 65.00 per hour. But, if the rate is less than 65.00 per hour, please call or email — maybe we can work it out.

PD: Upon starting the assignment I will need PD. However, don't worry, the PD comes out of MY money, not yours. Bear in mind that the more money you allocate for the payment of my PD, the more money you can make on my contract!


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