Q18: Do you have any other opportunities, interviews or offers pending?


Q18: Do you have any other opportunities, interviews or offers pending?

The short answer is, I'm unable to answer this question; please see my answer to the question: are you available?

The long answer is, if I have an offer or a highly probable offer pending that is significantly better than the opportunity you're talking about, I will tell you that I'm not interested in that particular opportunity, but I might be interested in another opportunity at a better rate, in a better location, or with a more interesting job function. I try to be honest about what I really want, but giving the contract firm or agency information about my other opportunities can only reduce my options.

I never pass information on from one firm to another. This is just plain common sense. It doesn't take contract staffing firms and agencies long to identify people who do that, and they will just stop working with me. Again, that limits my opportunities, and is therefore not in my best interest.

Not in my best interest: It's not in my best interest to tell one firm what I'm doing with another. Think about it. If I tell someone where my resume is, I am giving him/her a list of where my skills might be in demand. If there is anything on that list that they don't know about, they will send a sales representative to see if they can get a piece of the action. The bottom line is that it will increase my competition and that is something I don't need. Sometimes, and I have seen this more than once, a firm knowingly creates a conflict to cause an interview to be cancelled.


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