Q40: When are you available to interview with a client?


Q40: When are you available to interview with a client?

The short answer is, I'm available after after 3:00 pm (Eastern).

The long answer is...

On most weekdays I can be interviewed after 3:00 pm. If you call earlier than 3:00 pm, I may not be able to answer the call. In my experience, most managers and leads are able to set up a specific time after 3:00 pm.

Need to know: Please don't forget to tell me when a prospective client will call. I need to know, in advance, the exact time of the client's call. Why? Because I want to be ready, at my best, want to prevent scheduling conflicts, and want to ensure the client's call is answered. Therefore, we need to set up a specific time, e.g. 3:15 pm.

Tell me when: Please don't be like the recruiter who set up a telephone interview for yesterday morning, but could NOT tell me the TIME of the client's call. Did he expect me to sit by the telephone for two full hours, when I needed to go back to work AND had a long list of things to do?

Sell the manager: To set up a specific time, you need to SELL the manager on the time of the appointment you want. For example, you need to ask the manager, "How about 4:00 pm? Or, would 4:30 be better for you?"

My best number: For clients, my best number can be found here. For recruiters, my best number is the SAME number you can find here. I do monitor my incoming calls during the day, every day, between 8:00 am and 8 pm Eastern Time. During the day I also have unscheduled meetings, visitors dropping in without appointment, distractions, and little or no privacy. In spite of all these distractions I do answer my calls, not always, only most of the time.

Must have an interview: I must have an interview as part of the initial contact with the client. If the client won't talk with me and won't do a phone interview as part of the process, then I'm not interested in that particular position.

Why should we have a client interview as part of the process? Because client interviews are very useful. They reduce the risk of accepting new positions. Minor misunderstandings can be prevented. That is why I say I must have a client INTERVIEW, as part of the process.

Outside the workplace: I do all of my interviews outside my workplace. Please don't be like a recruiter who wanted me to do a client phone interview at WORK, at the expense of my most recent client. Why? Because it wouldn't be fair to my most recent client to use their hours for my personal gain. Or to cut back on my lunch hour and decrease my effectiveness for the rest of the day. After all, they don't pay me to discuss non-company business on company time. That would be unethical. My main concern is unplanned telephone conversations that go on and on, for what seems like forever, at the expense of my current end client.

Fear not: When I'm presented to a client, I don't talk about salary, if this is one of your concerns, and I do give you feedback, usually the same day. Similarly, I expect a notification from you as to the outcome of my client interview.


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