Q15: To discuss this contract, can you meet with a client?


Q15: To discuss this contract, can you meet with a client?

The short answer is, I do all my interviews over the phone.

The long answer is...

I would love to drop everything, get an expensive round-trip airline ticket on a short notice, hop on a plane, and meet your customer as soon as they call me. Why? Because end clients are usually fun and easy to meet. Because they usually have good people skills. And because I enjoy meeting people, especially new people.

Unfortunately, during the week, I don't have one to two DAYS of free time per prospective end client. Therefore I don't fly to distant cities for technical interviews with end clients.

One of the challenges is that very few out of town end clients are available for face-to-face meetings on weekends, Sundays and holidays.

However, most end clients have good business skills and understand that a face to face meeting is 'not' a practical option. Therefore, the vast majority of prospective end clients are perfectly happy to interview me over the 'phone'.


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